Thursday, June 30, 2011

0306: Zhenya's part

Last couple of years I used to film my profiles during the whole season, but this year I had only 4 month. I did my best, trix will not disappoint)) As usual soundtrack choosing took pretty much time, I tried to edit with many different songs until I found suitable one. Enjoy..

Music: Cockney Rejects - Some Play Dirty
Paddy And The Rats - Working All The Week
Camera: Anton, Dead, Gleb, Tyoma, Zhenya
Edited by Zheyna

P.S Next 11 months I'll spend in the Estonian army.. it's f@cking sad. I hope I won't damn forget how to spin fullcabs and how to grind 180grinds) I don't f@cking say "Good bye"..
"C u later!". Thanx 4 watchin'!

0306: Dead's part

Dead's part from our spring-summer video. A lot of good freecoaster riding with x-ride combos and sliders. Enjoy..

Music: Krucifix Klan- Scarecrows
Camera: Anton, Zhenya
Edited by Zhenya

Monday, June 27, 2011

Out Of Style - 0306

0306 is a video filmed from March to June. Unfortunately I have not more time to film and make clips, because I join the army on July 5th =(. Anyway this spring we rode hard and filmed a lot of material, so this video has 2 parts and 2 profiles. Enjoy..

Riders: Anton Ardel, Dead, Fanachoi, Maks, Tyoma, Zhenya
Camera: Anton, Dead, Fanachoi, Maks, SP, Tyoma, Zhenya
Edited by Zhenya
Music: P.O.D - Intro, ZSK - We Are The Kids

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

OuttaParx 1

OuttaParx is a 'park version' of OutOfStyle movies. Clips are filmed in local parks/grindboxes..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June photos..

My summer photos taken by Anton. Blog is being upgraded rarely, but several videos are going to come out soon))

Handrail with a very short start.

From bank to wallride.